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007: James Bond - The Stealth Affair
123-Talk 16 1830: Railroads & Robber Barons 1993 1994Pool+ 1998 Amerika
2048x2048 21 2x2
3 Card High Low Poker 3-D Dinosaur Adventure 3D Pinball 3D Pitfall 3D Trek 3D Xmas Adventure: Santa's Rescue 3DWorld
4 Queens Computer Casino 4K Adventure
9-Hole Miniature Golf
A Clue's Solution A Fable A Journey Into Xanth A Line in the Sand A Matter of Time A Nightmare on Elm Street A Question of Sport A Quick Run Around the House: A Sample Adventure A-10 Tank Killer A-MIS Adventure A-Train A1 DOS Utilities AAARGH! ABC Fun Keys ABC-Talk Abductor Ace Ace's Revenge Aces High: The True Air Duel Simulator Aces of the Deep Ack-Ack Attack! Ack! Man Acquire Across the USA Acrostix Action Stations! Action SuperCross Adam the New Age Warrior in 'Time After Time' Add It! Advance to Boardwalk Advanced Destroyer Simulator Advanced Thinking Skills Advantage Tennis Adventure Adventure Game Toolkit Adventure II Adventure in the Magic Land Adventure Math Adventure Series AGI Tetris Air Attack! Air Force Commander Air Puck Air Traffic Control Air-Strike Airborne Ranger Airline Airline Simulator Airstrike Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse Alcatraz Alchemyst Aldo Again ALF's U.S. Geography Alge-Blaster Plus! Alien Attack Alien Cabal Aliens Aliens AllegroHack Alpha Build Alpine Tram Ride Alter Ego Amarillo Slim's 7 Card Stud Amarillo Slim's Real Poker: 5 Card Stud Amaze Amazing Amazing Maze Amberstar Ambush at Sorinor American Sign Language Tutor Amoba An Adventure Double Feature Ancients 1: Death Watch Angst: A Game of Urban Survival ANIMAC Animated Memory Game Animated Money Animated Multiplication and Division Annals of Rome Another Pool Ant Attack Ant Attack PC AntiC Apachacha Aquanoid Arcade 2 Arcade Volleyball Archeodroid Archery Archipelagos Arctic Adventure Argh Argonaut Ario Bros Arithmetic Games Set 1 Arka Arkanoid Armada Armorik the Viking: The Eight Conquests Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf Aro II Around the World Trivia Arrakis Arthur Yahtzee: The Curse of Hell's Cheesecake Artillery Artman's Goplanes! Asteroid Pilot Astro-Grover Asylum II Atomic Tetris Automon AV-8B Harrier Assault Avenger Avish! Avoid the Awful Thing that Vaguely Resembles a Banana!! Avoid the Noid AxTrons
B-17 Flying Fortress B-Clopd Baal BabyType Backgammon Backgammon Backgammon Backgammon Backlash: A Turret Gunner Simulation Bagasaurus Bajoran Mercenary Adventure! Balda Ball Ball Breakers Corp. Balloons Balloons Balltris Ballyhoo BananaTron Bandits! Bandor: The Search for the Storm Giant King Baoxiao Duobiqiu Bardarts Barney Bear Goes to School Barney Bear Goes to Space BarneySplat Baron Baldric: A Grave Overture Baron: The Real Estate Simulation Barracuda: Secret Mission 1 Baseball Basketball Challenge BassTour Batalia Batfish Batman Forever Battle Beyond Battle Charge Battle Cheese Battle Chess Battle for Atlantis Battle for the Ashes Battle Isle Battle of the Eras Battle Wrath Battlehawks 1942 Battlerace Battles of Destiny Battles of Napoleon Battleship Battleships BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks' Revenge Bedlam Beneath a Steel Sky Berlin 1948 Berlin Wall Berserker Raids Bert's African Animals Bert's Dinosaurs Bert's Whales and Dolphins Best of ZZT Betamax Better Dead Than Alien! Bez Pegs Bible Adventures Bible Crossword Puzzles Bicycle Solitaire Big Math Attack! Big Rig Biker Dave Billiards Simulator Billy the Kid Bio Menace Biologica! BipBop II Bird Brain Birds of Prey Bit-Bat Biznesman Black Box Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter Blackjack Blackjack Blackjack Plus Blast Chamber Blastocyst Blind People Simulator Blinky 2 Blockade Blood Blow Up! Blue Angel 69 Blue Balls Bluebush Chess Bob Morane: Chevalerie 1 Bob Morane: Jungle 1 Bob Winner Bocus Bog Bolo BOLTX Bomber Bomber Boy Bomberman Bong Bong Bonus Boomerang Boovie Borgwar Borodino Boulder Dash Boulder Dash: Construction Kit Boulder Star Bouncy Bee Learns Letters Bowling Champ!! Brain Artifice BrainStorm Pro Brandon's Big Lunchbox Bravo Romeo Delta Breach Breakoff Breakout ! Bricks Gold Bridge Champion with Omar Sharif Bridge Master British Square Brix Brutal Sports Football Bubble Blobb Bubble Blobb II Bubble Crack Bubble Jeopardy Buddyros Budget Baseball Bugfeast Buggy Ranger Bugs! Buick Dimensions Bulls and Bears Bulls and Cows Bullseye Bully's Sporting Darts Bumble Games BumFight! Bundesliga Manager Bunny Blast Bunny Bricks Bureaucracy Burntime Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter Bust-A-Move Butt Slam!!!
C-Mato Cadaver Caddiehack Caesar Caesars Palace Calamari Cubes Campaign Campaign II Cannonade Capone Captain Blood Captain Kang Captain Spleen Captain Spleen 2 Car and Driver Card Players Paradise Carl Lewis' Go for the Gold Carnage Carrier Command Carriers at War Carriers at War II Cartels & Cutthroat$ Casino Challenge Castaway: The Ordeal Begins Castle Adventure Catacomb Catch88 Catcher Cavequest Caverns of Kroz Cbgtron CD-Man Version 2.0 Center Court Tennis Centerfold Squares Centipede Chain Reaction Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess Champ Centipede CHAMP Ms. Pacman Championship Blackjack Championship Manager Championship Manager 93 Championship Manager Italia Char Charlie Chaplin Charlie II Checkers Chemical Warfare Chess & Checkers Chess Housers Chess Housers Chess Player 2150 Chess Simulator Chess System Tal Chex Quest Chicago 90 Choo Choo Minder Chopper Commando Circlink Circus Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race City Beneath the Surface CityRunner Civil War Battleset Classic Adventure: The Original Colossal Cave! CleanUp Clearer Climber 5 Clive Barker's Nightbreed: The Action Game Clock Solitaire Clone Invader Clonk 2: Debakel Club & Country Club Backgammon Clyde's Revenge Coaster Code: Europe Color Lines Colossal Cave Revisited Colossus X Backgammon Colossus X Draughts Comanche CD Combat Checkers Combat Course Combat: Conflict Simulation Combatrobo Zakato Command & Conquer Command & Conquer: Red Alert Command H.Q. Commander Keen 1-3 Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die! Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter! Commando Enhanced Compaq-DOS (included games) COMPUTE!'s Guide to Adventure Games (included game) Computer Operator Computer Puzzles Unlimited ComputerWars Conflict Conflict: Europe Conflict: Middle East Connectris Conquest Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail Contract Bridge Cool Ball Corporation CRASH Crates Crazy Drake Creative Contraptions Creepers Cribbage Cribbage
Crime Lab: Case of the Missing Masterpiece Crisis in the Kremlin Crossbow Crosscheck CrossWorld: The LA Times Edition Croustibat Crown Crush, Crumble and Chomp! Crusher Castle II CRW: Metal Jacket Crystal Ball Crystal Caves Cube Cubic Tic Tac Toe Cubits Curse of the Catacombs Custer's Last Command Cyber Marine Cyberbykes: Shadow Racer VR Cyberchess Cyberdogs Cybersphere Cybersphere Plus CyberStrike Cyborgirl Cycle Warz Cylindrix Cyrus
D-Day: The Beginning of the End D.R.A.G.O.N. Force Daffy Duck, P.I.: The Case of the Missing Letters Daily Double Horse Racing Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge Dan Dolme Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue Dare-Devil Dark Ages: Volume 3 - Dungeons of Doom Dark Continent Darker Darkside Story Darts Das Boot: German U-Boat Simulation DaSi Datnoids David Ahl's Basic Computer Adventures David Wolf: Secret Agent Davis Cup Complete Tennis Day of Pigs Day of the Pharaoh Deadline Death by Dark Shadows Death Rally Deathball Incarnate Deathbringer Deathtrack Decisive Battles of the American Civil War, Vol. 2 Decisive Battles of the American Civil War, Vol. 3 Deep Fortress Deer Napped Defender Defender of the Faith: The Adventures of David Defense Dell Crossword Puzzles: Volume III Deluxe Ski Jump Demineur Demoniak Denarius Avaricius Sextus Denomino Desert Desert Race Designasaurus Devastator Devil Land Dhrystone 2 Test Diamond Dash Dick Tracy Die Welt Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters Digger Digital League Baseball Digital Warriors Dime City Dimono Dino Hunt Dino Jnr. in Canyon Capers DinoPark Tycoon Dinosaur Adventure Discoveries of the Deep Disk Crash Dismal Passages: Part I - The Wicked Curse Disney's Aladdin Disney's The Jungle Book Dive Bomber DND Dodgem Dokkaebi-ga Ganda Don't Wake the SysOp DOOM DOOM II Dopplegänger Doraon Neoguri DOS Quadraz Dots Double Cross Double Dragon Double-X Slots DoubleLink Dr. Rudy 2 Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex Dr. Sleeptite and the Nightmare Factory Drag Race Eliminator Dragcity U.S.A. Dragon Isles Dragon Spirit Dragonsphere DragonStrike Drak Draughts Draw Poker Draw Poker Drazen Petrovic Basket DreamWeb Driester Drop Of Light Drop-Drop Dropper Duck Hunt Dueling Dragons Duke Nukem 3D Duke Nukem II Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty Dune III Dungeon Keeper Dungeons of Kroz Dunjax Dustman Dvorak on Typing
Earl Weaver Baseball Early Games for Young Children Earthrise Earthworm Jim Eat It Eat'em II Echelon Education Series: General Knowledge Builder Edward Grabowski's The Blue & The Gray Edward O. Thorp's Real Blackjack EGA-Roids Egawalls EGAWHEEL Eggerland 3 Ein Kmo Bamba El Capitán Trueno El Grinch El-Fish Electranoid Electric Jigsaw Electroman Electronic Grammar: Parts of Speech Elf ElfLand Elkinloor Emergency Mission Emeritus Pong Emilio Butragueño ¡Fútbol! Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam Empire Empire Soccer 94 Enchanted Pinball EnCore Encounter Enemy Lines Entity Eol-ui Moheom Epic Pinball Epic Pinball: The Complete Collection Ernie's Magic Shapes Escape from Monster-Castle Espionage European Champions Evasive Maneuvers Everest: The Iceman's Apprentice Everyday Exploding Atoms Expo Extase Exterminator
F-1 F-15 Strike Eagle II F-16 Early Deployment Airstrike Force F-Tetris FaceOff! Facetrex Facing the Empire Fallout FBI Fred Fencing Fengkuang Shuang Xiang Pao Fernando Martín Basket Master Field General Fields of Glory Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun Fifteen Puzzle Final Assault Final DOOM Fintris Fire and Forget Fire and Ice Fire Fighter Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contact Fire Power Fire! Fireteam 2200 Firezone Fisher-Price I Can Remember Fistfight Fleuch PC Flight Action FLIP-ELLO Flipper Floatris Fluf! Fly Fly8 Flygame Flynn Sprint Flyswat Football Football Football Glory Ford Simulator II Ford Simulator III Formula-1 TURBO Fox Ranger Fraction Factory Frank Bruno's Boxing Frankenstein Frantis: Mission II Frazzle! Freak Out Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist Freddy's Rescue Roundup Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness Frigate Frightmare From Corner to Corner Front Lines Front Page Sports: Football Front Page Sports: Football Pro Frontline Fuck Quest 2: Romancing the Bone Fun House Fun School 2: For the Over-8s Fun School 2: For the Under-6s Fun School 3: for 5 to 7 Year Olds Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year olds Fun School 4: for the under 5s Funny Fruits Fuzzy Worm
Galactic Encounters Galactix Galactix II: The Search for the Lost Orbs Galaga 94 Galaxi Galaxy Galleons Gamblers and Money Grubbers Game of Robot Gamma Wing Gandalf Garden Gateway to the Savage Frontier Gavrila General Budda's Labyrinth General Trivia Generic Adventure 551 Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf Gertrude's Puzzles Gertrude's Secrets Gettysburg Gettysburg Ghostbusters II Giant Killer Glook Goal II Goal! Gobble Man Gobble Man Gobbler God Jul! Gold Rush! Golden Axe Golf Golf's Best: St. Andrews - The Home of Golf Gone Fishing Gotcha Grand Monster Slam Grand Prix 500 2 Grand Prix Circuit Grand Slam Bridge II Grand Theft Auto Gravedigger Gravitar Graviton Gravity Force Gravity Wars Gravity Well Grayhound Racer Great Courts 2 Greedy Green Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Golf Simulator Gremlins 2: The New Batch Gremlins 2: The New Batch Guardians Guardians of Infinity: To Save Kennedy
H-Tron Hacker Hamburger Hell Handy Caps Hangman Hard Drivin' Hard Nova HardBall! Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis Harrier 7 Harrier Mission Haunted Childhood Heartlight Heavy Barrel Hello Mr. President Helter Skelter Henrietta's Book of Spells Heretic Heroes Heroes 1/4: The Tantalizing Trio Heroes Of Might And Magic II Heroes: The Sanguine Seven HeroQuest Hex Hexsider Hextris High Roller Casino Highway Hunter Hill Street Blues Hillsfar Hogbear Hole-In-One Miniature Golf Hole-In-One Miniature Golf Deluxe! Hollywood Squares Hometown, U.S.A. Hong Kong Mahjong Hong Kong Mahjong Pro Hooray for Henrietta Hoosier City Hopper Hoser Hover How to Weigh an Elephant How-Two Build a Robot! Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers Hugo Huj Hujowi Nie Równy Humbug Hunchback 96 Hurdles Hypercycles
I Can't Believe It's Not... Bomberman Ian Botham's Cricket IAS IBM PC Wheel of Fortune Icy Metal If It Moves, Shoot It! Ikari III: The Rescue Illusion Blaze In Extremis Inca Indecent Indenture Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients Indianapolis 500: The Simulation Infidel Inindo: Way of the Ninja Intergalactic Bar Mans Pub Crawl Intergalactic Life International Ninja Rabbits International Sensible Soccer International Soccer Interpose X-mas Greetings Into the Sun: Projected Distruction IQ Master Iron Assault Isaac Asimov: Science Adventure Iskib Isle of the Dead Isle Wars It Came from the Desert
J.R.R. Tolkien's Riders of Rohan Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course Design Jackson City James Bond 007: A View to a Kill James Clavell's Shogun Janosik Jara-Tava: The Isle of Fire Jasper's Journeys Jenny of the Prairie Jeopardy! Jeopardy! New Sports Edition JetFighter II: Operation Lightning Storm Jetpack: Christmas Special Jetset Jetsons: The Computer Game Jigsaw! Jim Kobbe's Pool Game in 3D Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D Joan of Arc: Siege & the Sword Joe Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Joe Blade Joe Blade II Joe Snow Joe Snow 2 Joe Snow 4 Joe Snow III: Captured by Aliens John Chenault's Snake! John Madden Football II Jotto Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey: The Quest Begins Jump Jumpman Lives! Jungle Quest
Ka-50 Hokum KaleidoKubes Karkoth's Keep Karl Quappe Kart Race Karting Grand Prix Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer Ken Uston's Professional Blackjack Kengi Keno Royale Kick Off 2 Kick Off 3 Kick Off 96 Kid's Kards Kids on Keys Killer Bees KinderComp King's Bounty King's Bounty 2 King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne King's Quest: Quest for the Crown Kingdom at War Kingdom of Kroz Kingdom of Kroz II Kingdom Without End Kings of the Beach Kitty of Death Klondike Koach Tzabar Komebumb Korean Dungeon Boy Kret KrisKros Kristor Krkal 1 Kung Fu Louie Vs. The Martial Art Posse
L. Runner II L'Affaire... L'Empereur La Espada Sagrada Labyrinth Lada: The Ultimate Challenge Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs Landing Party Las llaves del tiempo Las Vegas Video Poker Laser Chess Laser Chess Laser Cycle Laser Squad Lasermania Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012 Last Half of Darkness III Late Night Sexy TV Show Le Fetiche Maya Leather Goddesses of Phobos Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf Legacy of the Necromancer: Part II - The Palace of the Necromancer Legacy of the Necromancer: Part III - The Dark Tower Legend of the Red Dragon Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World Legend of the Silver Talisman Legends of Murder: Volume 1 - Stonedale Castle Legends of Valour Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Lemmings Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings Lettrix LHX: Attack Chopper LifesBattle Little Fighter Living Ball Llamatron: 2112 Locman I Locomotion Lode Runner Log!cal Lomax Boulders Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death Loopy Lords of Doom: Part One - The Black God Lords of Midnight Losing Your Grip Lost Lots -o- $lot$ Luigi & Spaghetti Lumpies of Lotis IV Lunar Explorer: A Space Flight Simulator Lunar Landing Lunar Take
M1 Tank Platoon Mad Mix 2: En el castillo de los fantasmas Mad Show Madhouse Maelstrom Magicland Dizzy MagiDuck Magocracy Mah Jongg -V-G-A- Mah Jongg LapTop Mahjong Manhunter 2: San Francisco Manic Miner Manor Marble Cooking Marble Master Mario & Luigi Mario is Missing! Mario's Time Machine Mars Saga Masque Solitaire Antics Master of Orion II Masterblazer Match Day Manager Math Blaster Plus! Math Blaster! Math Circus: Act 1 Math Rescue Matrix Madness Matterhorn Screamer! Max Blackjack Maximus MaxMan Mayday Squad Maze Maze Runner Mazzembly 3D McGee McGee at the Fun Fair McMurphy's Mansion Megafortress Megapede Mel Odius goes Six String Searchin' Meltdown Meltdown Memory Castle Memory Hog Hunter Merchant Colony Merlin Challenge Meteor Meteor Rescue Mice Men Mick Mickey's 123's: The Big Surprise Party Micro$oft Simulator MicroLeague Football: The Coach's Challenge MicroLeague Wrestling Micropede Microsoft Flight Simulator (v3.0) Microsoft Mouse (included game) Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 (included games) MiG-29: Deadly Adversary of Falcon 3.0 Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen Mimi & The Mites Mindbender MinerVGA Mirage Thunder Miramar, Jet Fighter Simulator Missing Dots Matrix Mission Mission Cobra 98 Mission Mopreme 32K Mission: Impossible Missle Strike Molefest Money Bags: Beat the Gnome of Zurich Monkey Business Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Monkey Island Special Monmallineun Tarokbeom Mono Space Monsoon Monster Bash Monuments of Mars Moonmist Moonshine Racers Moraff's Blast I Moraff's Monster Bridge Moraff's Monster Memory Moraff's Morejongg Moraff's Pinball Moraff's Revenge Moraff's Tempt-Tris Mortadelo y Filemón II: Safari Callejero Mortal Kombat Mortal Pong Mortville Manor Moses: Old Testament Adventure #1 Most Certainly Not Pool II Motor-Mania Movies Trivia Mozaik Mr Pacford Mr. Blobby Mr. Boom Mr. Muncher MsiBamba Shel Bamba Multiplex Munch Guy Mundial de Fútbol Murder! Mustang Mutant Earth My Own Stories Mychess Mystery at the Museums Mystery Mansion Mystery Master: Felony! Mystical
National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 Navcom 6: The Persian Gulf Defense Navjet Navy Seal NeoHunter Nerm of Bemer NetHack NetHack Plus NFL NFL 94 NFL Coaches Club Football NFL Pro League Football NFL Pro League Football Night Fire Nightwalker Nippon Safes, Inc. No Greater Glory: The American Civil War Noddy's Playtime Notyet Nuclear War Number Fun 1 Numero 10 NY Warriors
Objection! Obliterator Ocean Ranger Oh No! More Lemmings Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia Deportiva Olmang Jolmang Paradise Omega Omni-Play Horse Racing Omnicron Conspiracy On Disk Monthly's Circuitry Onslaught OnTarget Operación Cyborg Operation Combat II: By Land, Sea & Air Operation Market Garden: Drive on Arnhem, September 1944 Operation Spacehog Operation: Airlift Oregon Trail Deluxe Origamo Ortotris Osbit Osiris Osmosis Solitaire Out of This World Out on a LEM OutFox OverKill Overlord Oxyd 2 Oxyd magnum!
P-47 Freedom Fighter P-Robots Pac 2000 Pac Man Pachisi Pacific Islands Packman Paganitzu Pako 2 Paku Paku Paladin Paper Airplane Paperboy Paragliding Paris-Dakar Passengers on the Wind II Patriot Command PC Basket 2.0 PC Basket 3.0 PC Basket 4.0 PC Fútbol 3.0 PC Fútbol 4.0 PC Fútbol 5.0 PC Gol PC-Bakterien! PC-Fender PC-Gammon PC-Monopoly PChallenge Pearl Harbour Pepper's Adventures in Time Perfect General II Petris Phagefight Pharaoh's Revenge Pharaoh's Tomb Photopia Phylox Piece of Cake Pim-Pam-Pum Pinball Wizard 2000 Pipeline Pirada I: The Fearless Piranha Piso Zero Pitfall Pitman Planet Soccer Planetfall Platform Heels Platoon Playhouse Strippoker PlayMaker Football Plexu: The Time Travellers Plundered Hearts Point of Attack Poker Challenge: 7 Card Stud Version Poker Galore Poko Memorial: 18 Hole Miniature Golf Pol-Gol! Polanie Pole Chudes: Capital Show Pole Position II Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel Poof Pool Shark Pools of Darkness Popo Car Pork I: The Great Underground Sewer System Ports of Call Postman Pat 3: To the Rescue Power Putt Power Struggle PowerChess PowerHits Sports Powerslave Prawo krwi Prehistorik Prehistorik 2 Press Your Luck Prince Prince of Persia Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame Princess Maker 2 Pro League Baseball Pro-League Baseball Professional Blackjack Project: Space Station Project: Weltuntergang Proton Psionics Pump Fighters Puzza Pyramid Pyramid Solitaire
QBasic 4.5 Qi Xiao Quan Quadrant Quantoids of Nebulus IV Quarantine Quasar Questron II
R-activ R.A.M. R.S.A Darts Race! Racecar Racer Rachunkowe Abecadło Rad Warrior Radix: Beyond the Void Rage Against the Machine Railroad Empire Rally-K! Ralph Bosson's High Seas RAM! Rambo: First Blood Part II Rampart Ranadinn Rapid Response Rastan Ravage Reader Rabbit 3 Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters Rebel Moon Rebound Red Storm Rising RedCat RedCat 2: De Ontvoering van Prinses Dana Redneck Rampage Reflex Point RemorseView (included game) Renegade Renegade Legion: Interceptor Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom Revenge of Defender Reversi Rick Dangerous 2 Rick Davis's World Trophy Soccer Rise of the Robots Rise of the Triad: Dark War Road Rally Roadwar 2000 Roadwar Europa Robak Robbo RoboCop Robot II: Das Labyrinth im Wald Robot III: Insel der heiligen Prüfung Robot IV: Operation ExtraTax Robot Junior Robot Odyssey
Roboto Robotron: 2084 Robozone Rock and Bach Studio Rock-Slide Rock'N Roller Rocket Rocket Fighter Rocket Lander Rocket Rangers Rockets Rocks Rogue Clone Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Rome: Pathway to Power Rommel: Battles for North Africa Rooster Rotaktix Rotor ROX Ruckus Poker Run for the Money Rush Hour Ryder Cup: Johnnie Walker
Saboteur II Sailing... an adventure in the Bermuda Triangle Same or Different Samotnik Santa's Xmas Caper Saper Sarakon Sargon 4 Sargon III Satan Scavengers of the Mutant World Scenario: Theatre of War Schieten Schoolhouse Scrabble Scramble Scubaman's Quest ScubaVenture The Search For Pirate's Treasure SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative SDI2040 Sea Hunt Sea Quest Sea Rogue Sea School Search and Destroy Seastalker Second Front: Germany Turns East Secret Agent Secret Agent: The Escape Self Control Serve & Volley Set the Hostages Free Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition SeXoniX SeXXcapades Sexy Droids Shadow Ape Shape Shifter Shariki Sherman M4 Shogi Master Shooting Gallery Shultz's Treasure Sidewalk Silent Service Silly Knight Silmar Silverball Silverball 2 Plus Sim City Sim City 2000 Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Sint Nicolaas SITris Skate Boarding Skate or Die Skaut Kwatermaster Skeet Shoot Ski Jump International Skidoo Skull & Crossbones Skunny Kart Skunny's Desert Raid Skweek Sky Cat Skyworker Slater & Charlie Go Camping Sleuth Sliders SLOT-8 Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris Smooth Tetris Snake Battle Snakes SnakeWinder Snipes Snood Snow Strike Soccer Soko-Ban Sokoban Solid State Pinball: Tristan Solitaire Solus Sons of Liberty Sopwith Sorcerer Lord Sorry Ass Sorry! Space 1889 Space Ace Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge Space Adventure Space Adventure Space Battles Space Conquest: A Galactic Odyssey Space Games Space Guardian Space Invaders Space M+A+X Space Miner Space Miner Space Pirates Space Quest: Chapter I - The Sarien Encounter Space School Simulator: The Academy Space Snake Spacewrecked: 14 Billion Light Years From Earth Spear End of Destiny Special Agent Spectre Spectre VR Speedway Manager '96 Spell It Plus! Spellbreaker Spelling Fun One Spheroids Spider Boxer SPIN Splat! Splat! PC SPOC the Chess Master Spooky Kooky Monster Maker Sports Spectacular Spy Master Spycraft: The Great Game Squarez Deluxe! Stack Up Star Breaker Star Empire Star Fleet I: The War Begins! Star Hammer Star Ship Attack Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative Starball StarCross Starfire Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula Starglider Starmaxx Starquake StarQuest: Rescue at Rigel StarQuest: Star Warrior States and Capitals Stelcon 2469 Stick Fighter II Storm Across Europe Stormlord Stormovik: SU-25 Soviet Attack Fighter Story Machine Street Sports Basketball Strider Strife Strike Fleet Striker Strip Poker Professional: Rev B Stryx Stunt Jumper Subbuteo Sudoku86 Summer Challenge Supaplex Super Action Ball Super All-Stars Super Angelo Super Ball ! Super Bubble Mania Super Cop Super Huey II Super Huey UH-IX Super Jeopardy! Super Maxit Super Pac-Man Super Plumber Super Ski II Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain! Super Star Trek Super Stupid Space Invaders Super Trio Super Trix Super Worms Super-VGA Harrier Superhero League of Hoboken Superleague Soccer SuperSki III Superstar Indoor Sports Suspect Suspended Switch Switch Sword of Aragon Sword Quest 2: Tale of the Talisman
Tactile Take Down Taking Care of Business Tamoret: The Adventure to the Fourth Dimension Tangled Tales Tank Tank2 Tankgame Target Targhan Task Force 1942 Taxi Run TDM's Tractor Pull Nationals Techno Cop Teen Agent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Queen TEGL Klondike Solitaire TEGL Monopoly TeleCards Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B. II Terminal Terror Terra Probe Terroid Test Drive TetRAM Tetris Tetris Tetris Classic Tetrolis Th!nk Cross The $100,000 Pyramid The 15 Puzzle The A-Team The Adventure The Adventures of Captain Comic The Adventures of Dianalee in the Lost Temple of the Aztecs The Adventures of Lance The Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Aeronautics Quiz MK 2 The Aethra Chronicles: Volume One - Celystra's Bane The Amazing Adventures of ANSI Dude The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge! The American Challenge: A Sailing Simulation The Amulet The Asian Challenge The Astronomy Quiz The Awe-Chasm The Backyard The Banyon Wars The Bard's Lore: The Warrior & The Dragon The Bard's Quest: Dungeons of the Unknown The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight The Basket Manager The Battle on the Black Sea The Big Three The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure The California Raisins The Carl Lewis Challenge The Castle of Dr. Malvado The Catacomb Abyss The Catacombs of Nemon The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Island The Child Murderer The Civil War: Master Players Edition The Computer Quiz The Cool Croc Twins The Crimson Crown The Curse of RA The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing The Dam Busters The Dark Convergence II The Dark Half The Dark Heart of Uukrul The Dark Queen of Krynn The Darkest Night The Day 4: Icarus The Day 5: Assault Dragon The Dream Team: 3 on 3 Challenge The Dungeons of Grimlor The Dungeons of Grimlor II The Endless Night The Enigma of Ashrella The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100 The Final Battle The Final Crusade of Kroz The Flintstones: Dino: Lost in Bedrock The Ford Simulator The Four Crystals of Trazere The Galaxians The Game of Harmony The Game of Life The Game of Yahtzee The Games: Summer Edition The Games: Winter Challenge The Games: Winter Edition The Geekwad: Games of the Galaxy The Global Dilemma: Guns or Butter The Gold of the Aztecs The Great Sage: Heaven's Equal The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trivia Challenge The Honeymooners The Horror of Rylvania The Hound of Shadow The Hunt for Red October The Hunt for Red October The IBM BASIC Quiz The Incredible Machine The Incredible Machine 2 The Jelly Bean Factory The Keys to Maramon The Kingdom of Syree The Kristal The Las Vegas EGA Casino (Version 2.0) The Last Eichhof The Last Ninja The Last Warrior The Legacy: Realm of Terror The Legend Lives! The Light Corridor The Lion King The Lost Admiral The Lost Vikings The Lurking Horror The Magic Candle II: The Four and Forty The Magic Candle III The Multi-dimensional Thief The Munsters The Need for Speed The Neverending Story II: The Arcade Game The New Dash Dimension The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Katt The Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator The Original Buck Mann's Poker for One The Pack Rat The Paddle The Playroom The Premiership The Price is Right The Prophecy The Punisher The Punisher: Eternity Disk The Pure Wargame The Queen of Hearts Maze Game The Red Crystal: The Seven Secrets of Life The Rescue of Lorri in Lorrinitron The Return of Medusa The Rocketeer The Scottish Open: Virtual Golf The Second Kids' World Almanac Adventure The Secret Codes of C.Y.P.H.E.R.: Operation Wildlife The Secret of Monkey Island The Sentry The Sesame Street Crayon: Letters For You The Seven Spirits of Ra The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness The Skateboard Kid The Smurfs The Soviet Block The Sporting News Baseball The Spy's Adventures in South America The Summoning The Third Courier The Thor Trilogy The Three Stooges The Toy Shop The Train: Escape to Normandy The Treehouse The Trials of Odysseus Kent The TunnelMan The Ultimate DOOM The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki The Untouchables The Wild Science Arcade The Witness The World Name Game These United States Think Quick! Thinking Games 2 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Pinball Throwland Thud Ridge: American Aces in 'Nam Thunder Zone Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Tie Break TIE Invaders Tiger Road Tigers on the Prowl Tilt TiltMaze Time Machine I Time Race Timequest TinyTris Toad Road Toho Academy Adventure Toi Acid Game Tommy's Air Raid Tommy's Airshark Tommy's Ant Farm Tommy's Backgammon Tommy's Balloon Tommy's Calabresella Tommy's Cat and Mouse Tommy's Chariots Tommy's Chess Set Tommy's Chicken Tommy's Connecting Point Tommy's Coon Can Tommy's Cribbage Tommy's Crosswords Tommy's Cryptoquips Tommy's Double L Tommy's Energy Fence Tommy's Euchre Tommy's Fan Tan Tommy's Gin Rummy Tommy's Global Thermonuclear War Tommy's Gorilla Ball Pythons Tommy's Hanoi Tommy's Hidden-Word Tommy's Jottomania Tommy's Kiddie Cards Tommy's Nite Lites! Tommy's Nyet Tommy's Oh Hell Tommy's Old Maid Tommy's Othello Tommy's Paddles Tommy's Patience Tommy's Patience II Tommy's Pinochle Tommy's Plates Tommy's Roulette Tommy's Saucer Tommy's Seawolf Tommy's Show And Tell Maze Generator Tommy's Six-Bid Solo Tommy's Space Farmer Tommy's Space Panels Tommy's Spades Tommy's Tanks Tommy's Tenpins Tommy's Terraces Tommy's Think II Tommy's Tic-Tac-Toe Tommy's Towers Tommy's Trifles Tommy's Twenty-One Tommy's Tyrants Tommy's Wheel of Misfortune Tommy's Whist Tommy's Wizards Tommy's Yahtzee Tommy's Zombies Tomtris Tonko Toonstruck Top Gun: Danger Zone Top Hat Willy TopChallenge Toppler Torpedo Alley Touchline Towers Tracker Traders: The Intergalactic Trading Game Trains Transball Transport Tycoon Deluxe Transylvania III: Vanquish the Night Treasure Island Treasure MathStorm! Treasure Trap Treasures of the Savage Frontier Tree Masacre Trek Trek Trivia Trek73 Trench Warfare TrianGO Tribolo Triclops Invasion Triskelion Trivia 2000 Trivia Whiz Trivial Trek Trog Troika Tron Tron Light Cycles TRON: Light Cycles Trugg Trump Castle II Tsumera Tubular Worlds Tug-A-War Tunneler Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan Turbo Blackjack Turbo Champions TurboGo Turn It Turn It II Tut-Busters Tycoon: The Commodity Market Simulation Type Attack Tyrian 2000
Über Siedler S2 WeltRom
UFO Ultima I-VI Series Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress... Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Ultima VIII Pagan Ultimate Blackjack Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th Trilogy - The Quest for the Golden Amulet Under Fire! Universal Warrior Universe Universe 3 Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme Up Periscope! Up Side Town USS Stinger
Vacation Gone Awry Varicella VariTale Vegas Bandit Vegas Pro Video Poker VENTURE (pci) Veteran Vetka Video Poker Slot Video Trek 88 Viktorina Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero Viper Virtual Reality Studio 2.0 Virus Virus Rage Visions of Aftermath: The Boomtown Vixen Volfied Vor Terra Voyager I: Sabotage of the Robot Ship VR Slingshot VW Sharan: Pack 'n Puzzle
Wall Pipe Wall$treet Wallbanger Wanderer WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Wargame Construction Set Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! Warren's World: Lost Colony WarWizard Watman WaxWorks We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story Weekend Survival Weird Island West Phaser Westfront Omega: The Amulet Of Vega Whatever We Decide to Call this Game Wheel of Fortune: Golden Edition Where Time Stood Still White Death Wibarm Wild Pitch! Wild Wheels Win, Lose or Draw Junior Window Wizard Windoze Wing Commander Wings of Thunder Winter Supersports 92 Wipeout Wishbringer WISO Breakout Wizard of Id's WizType Wizard's Crown Wizard's Doom Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant Wolfendoom Wolfenstein 3D Women of the World Trivia Word Attack 3 Word Ladders Word Munchers Word Seeking Word Whiz Wordtris World Championship Boxing Manager World Cricket World Cup 90 World Golf 2 World Tour Tennis World War II Trivia World War II: Battles of the South Pacific Worlds at War: Conflict in the Cosmos Worm Burner Worms De Luxe Wraith Blaster Wreckers Wumpus II
X-COM: Apocalypse X-COM: Terror from the Deep X-COM: UFO Defense X-mas Lamers Xenocide Xenomorph Xenon Xiphos Xixit Xmas Lemmings XO-Fighter Xonix
Y YAB! Baseball Yahtzee Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine Yo! Joe! Beat the Ghosts Yogho Yogho spel Yogi Bear visits... the National Parks Your Bum is Talking
Zakato: Maan Zampabolas Zangband Zappa Roidz Zeliard Zig Zag Flag Shag Zis the Adventure Zmeelov Zmiy Zone 66 Zoom! Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz Zork III: The Dungeon Master Zork: The Great Underground Empire Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball Zottris Zurk's Learning Safari Zyconix
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