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Thought frogs had it easy? Bugfeast is here to shatter your idyllic concept of the little green hoppers' daily lives, and show you just how tough it gets in the wild - even when all you wanna do is catch a bunch of flies. Your ASCII amphibian can hop left and right, and extend its tongue to grab the fat juicy insects. But with those huge desert spiders out to get you, and mischievous kids trying to trap you for their amusement, it's a harsh life out there. Being a frog, you can try to hide underwater... but that will only attract the fiendish water-snakes. With some luck you'll be able to squish the spiders and avoid the cage traps, and with even more luck, you may awaken the cactus-dweller to increase your scoring. The "supertongue" gives you greater range, but uses more of your limited number of licks; if you run out, it'll kill you as surely as any vermin. And if this all sounds too tough, the difficulty level is adjustable.

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