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Crusher Castle II is an action game where a character needs to escape a haunted castle by eliminating ghosts and picking up tools and treasure. The game is a follow-up on a previous version called Crusher by the same company. There are 25 rooms are arranged in a 5x5 square, with the character starting the game in the center. When you have reached a set score of 10.000 points, an extra life is provided and some information to help you escape the castle. The gameplay is a mix of Soko-ban and Pac-Man in that there are a number of ghosts hunting the character in each room, and they are blocked by pushing boxes in their way. If the ghosts catch up, a life is lost. Each step made, uses up a bit of the candles needed to survive, and crossing into another room uses a large amount of the candle. You cannot pull the boxes, but instead you have explosives to destroy them, if you find yourself boxed in. There are point rewards for trapping the ghosts, plus you gain candles when they disappear. In each room are also gold coins, i.e. extra points, and closets that hold a variety of things, both good items and bad, some are useless, and some lead to other rooms. Registering the game is required to enable the save-game function, otherwise you must restart after you run out of lives or candles.

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