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This compact game takes up less than 256 bytes (254 to be exact), and challenges you to a mortal duel against Evil Kitty who's menacing your garden of shrubs. To be precise, he's eating them all and you're none too pleased about that. Since the kitty's evilness is too much to take on bare-handed, you've decided to bring along a remotely-guided missile to zonk him with - trouble is, being a kitty, the Evil One has nine lives while you have to make do with one. To top it off, you risk blowing yourself up as well! Your character can run in four directions through the shrub garden to evade the heinous green kitty, who keeps trying to close in for the kill. All moving objects can wrap around the edges of the screen. The shrubs will block your path, but not Kitty's, since he eats through them with ease; your remote control missile simply bounces off them, but otherwise it will follow your direction of movement. Kitty's remaining lives are displayed at the top left: if you can exploit the environment and maneuver the missile to snuff him, the number will decrease and a new random screen will be generated. If you can get him down to 0 you'll have solved your feline problem once and for all.

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