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Another Tetris variant springs forth from the demoscene, this time with a hatful of different options and game modes. The basic single-player mode provides the familiar experience of piling up falling, rotatable blocks and scoring points by completing full horizontal lines. Team play allows up to four players (on the same keyboard!) to join forces for a cumulative score, piling on the blocks cooperatively into a single extended pit. Then there's competitive mode, where 2 or 3 players battle each other simultaneously in separate pits: in this mode, each player gets a 'mana' meter which is filled up by eliminating lines. Mana can be used to 'cast' various powers which either aid the player, or screw over the opponents. Finally, Rotate mode is a predecessor to the group's later Tetripz - the screen continuously tilts, zooms and rotates during play, creating a trippy effect along with the swirling Moraff -esque backgrounds; the motion gets crazier with each successive level. The game keeps a database of all players, complete with stats, efficiency, history and separate password-protected profiles.

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