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Winter Supersports 92 is a sports game with eight events from the Winter Olympiad. The basic goal is to participate in all events in a row (events can be deselected, though) and the player with the most points is the winner. If multiple players participate, two of them are playing at the same time on a split-screen. Then the next batch of two starts. Downhill Skiing, Giant Slalom, Pro Ski Challenge are downhill courses in which the player has to circuit obstacles. The Bale Jumping and Speed Skating events require the player to alternate pressing left and right while keeping a rhythm. Bobsled and Luge are also similar to each other: the athletes are shown from behind and the player has to steer the bob/luge. The bob additionally has a brake. Skidoo Racing consists of a top-down course which needs to be completed as fast as possible. Only a part of the course is shown at a time; the screen scrolls.

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