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Not your everyday genre-crossover: this game fuses an arcade space shooter with a... medical simulation. You command a patrolling space vessel, defending your planet from a devastating attack of biological warfare. But destroying the plague-bearing enemy ships won't be enough; you'll also have to stop the epidemic by testing experimental medicine on patients. The game starts as a pseudo-3D shoot-'em-up, with the objective of destroying the hostile forces before your ship runs out of fuel. Enemy vessels continuously drop "bio-bombs", so a quick victory will mean a longer life for your patients, but don't shoot down friendly medical ships, as they carry vital supplies of serum which you'll be needing soon! If you can wipe out the enemy fleet, you get to play doctor - time ticks away, and you must use the surviving serum to find a cure for the plague. There are three drugs you can mix: inject the dying patients with different combinations, observe the resulting blood tests, and try to refine your formula accordingly. If the blood cell count reaches a million, you'll have the cure... better get to it before all your patients kick the bucket!

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