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Reader Rabbit 3 is part of Reader Rabbit series, that is aimed at older children. When the Daily Skywriter News Company of World-ville needs some help, Reader Rabbit goes their to volunteer. In four different activities you try to match a word, or a sentence with seven word types who, where, what, why, how, did what and does what. In the activity Sneak peak you try to find a sentence that goes in a word type order and after finishing an entire story you get to see a cartoon based on it. After completing a story in all four activities you can make a newspaper based on them. There are 4 activities in Reader Rabbit 3. Each one makes a story for the latest edition of the newspaper. After you get a story in each activity, you can print the paper. · Activity 1: What's the Scoop - Help Reader Rabbit give the story to the correct newsroom reporter. Read the phrase and tell what the sentence part it is. · Activity 2: Clue Hounds - Fly around Wordville with Wilma and Orville Write in their plain. Read the mystery stories on the secret decoder and choose the correct phrases. Then see if you can solve the mystery. · Activity 3: Sneak Peek - Help Sneaker Mole write her movie reviews. Pick out sentences that match the order of the sentence parts one Sneaker's big screen, than watch as your cartoon plays. · Activity 4: Ed Words - Travel with Ed the editor on his bicycle all over town. Help Ed write his daily column by picking out just the right phrases to fill in the blanks. You can even write your own phrases.

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