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Automon is a freeware monopoly game for up to eight players. While the rules are the same as the classic Parker Brothers Monopoly board game, this implementation has some novel features: Players can use any printable character as their game token. Games can be saved and restarted. Any or all players can be set to play automatically Common playing variations such as pre-dealing deeds, putting tax money on Free Parking, relaxing colour lot requirements, allowing re-rolls on leaving jail, disabling housing shortages etc. may be individually enabled. All aspects of the game may be edited at any time. Players can be added or subtracted, options changed, player order changed etc. The speed of the game (duration of delays, etc.) can also be set. Pop up menus control all actions. Submenus appear so as not to obscure the menu tree The default board is, of course, American and is based on Atlantic City. The game comes with a companion program which allows player(s) to edit the chance cards, community chest cards, and properties whose names, rent, cost etc can all be altered.

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