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The DOS compilation includes 4 sport games: Archery (score as many points as possible by hitting the moving target with arrow); Olympic Slalom (simple winter ski slalom); Par 4 (text based golf with simple graphics and three courses); Quarterback Crunch (classic American football with nine gambits to choose) The C64 compilation includes 3 sports games: Baseball (2-player side-view baseball game, where players take turns pitching and hitting) Football (text-based football competition against the computer, where the player selects their plays from a menu) Hockey (2-player 1 - on - 1 hockey competition) The Apple II compilation includes 4 sports games: Baseball (2-player baseball game. Pitching from overhead mode, outfielding from side view, and runners move automatically) Football (1-player text-based football game against the computer) Golf (low-res overhead text gold game for 1 - 4 players) Bowling (overhead bowling game where the player positions the player in front of 10 pins) The Atari version includes 3 sports games: Football (text-based football game with graphical display of action) Golf (Overhead golf game for 1 - 2 players) Bowling (Top-down bowling simulation )

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