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Adventure Math is a single player, keyboard controlled, edutainment title aimed at teaching math via simple sums. The shareware version allows the player to practice addition and subtraction while the full version, Adventure Math Deluxe, also includes division, multiplication, additional sounds and graphics and a timer. There are ten levels of difficulty which all play the same and have a medieval theme. The game asks a series of addition or subtraction questions such as "12 + ? = 54" or "54 - ? = 12" and the player has to type in the correct answer. In this, the shareware release, the player is not timed. At the end of a round of questions the player / pupil is shown their score, the questions they got wrong, and gets the option to print a report card. If the player gets enough questions right they enter the bonus round where the questions are in the same format but the player answers by shooting the right number from the three choices at the top of the screen. There is the option to print a score card but other than that there is no high score table and no save game function.

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