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Another wall demolition game inspired by Arkanoid, starring a movable paddle whose task is to deflect the always-moving ball and use it to smash as many bricks as possible. Some bricks will yield the usual array of useful power-ups to be caught by the paddle; when you lose all your balls, the game is over. BOLTX offers four selectable game modes: Classic - the typical game with static level layouts: destroy everything to proceed from one level to the next. Infinite - plays like a single, continuous level; new lines of bricks appear regularly at the top, and the rest are pushed down. If the bricks make it all the way to the bottom, you lose. 2-Player - simultaneous Infinite mode: each player controls a paddle in a separate playfield. Duel - as above, but in "survival mode": if either player loses a ball, both playfields are reset, and the last man standing wins. All of the above are playable in four difficulty settings - simple, normal, hard and turbo, which determine the initial ball speed. The game keeps a record of the top 8 scores (for Classic mode only), and the top player gets a verbal evaluation displayed under the title.

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