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Blinky the purple dinosaur returns to action, as the evil Shnookwad -- thwarted but not defeated by their previous encounter -- unleashes an army of monsters upon Funky Forest. With his Box of Everlasting Doughnuts to hand and his faithful cat (named, er, Doughnut) behind him, Blinky explores sixteen colorful levels and fights four complex bosses to restore peace to his sylvan domain -- at least, for a little while. In Blinky 2, Jeremy LaMar heavily draws on 3/4 perspective top-down material like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to map out a broadly linear action-adventure game, with simulated height and depth to augment the 2D environment. Each level is large and complex, often involving a journey from one location through another, winding transitional space, into a third location -- which in turn often serves as a transition to the next map. The player will journey through forests, swamps, waterfalls, dungeons, and even snake mazes -- each with its own environmental dangers and challenges, from poisonous spores to conveyor belts to huge, multi-segmented serpents.

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