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In A Matter of Time, the player takes the role of Jonathan Stone who is the assistant of Dr. Joseph Adams. Adams was competing with Dr. Karl Evers about government funds for a time travel machine. Shortly before the deadline elapses, Evers is murdered, Adams becomes the prime suspect and suddenly disappears. As it turns out, he used his time machine in order to find proof of god's existence. Stone's adventure begins when he also uses the machine and find himself in the time of dinosaurs... This is an interactive fiction game with graphics, although the graphics are loaded and shown separately from the text interface. They usually show up when Stone enters a new location or uses the "look" command. The player interacts with the game by typing in commands, e.g. "take box", which is then interpreted by the parser and followed by a text response. The game is spent with exploring the environment, picking up items and solving puzzles.

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