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TopChallenge is a German release bundled for free with Verbatim's recordable media, to celebrate the data storage company's 25th anniversary. Each of the game's five levels presents a different sporty challenge - beating the score threshold reveals a code-word, to be written down in the enclosed coupon. The full coupon (with all five phrases) could then be mailed to the company to participate in a contest for various prizes, ranging from a trip to the Rocky Mountains to snazzy sportswear(!). The five events are: Freeclimber - work your way up a cliffside using your bare hands (while trying to avoid getting your head smashed in by tumbling boulders). Car Painter - somewhat like a motorized Amidar, your aim is to repaint the gridlike playfield by enclosing individual squares with your car's trail while avoiding the two enemy cars. Skysurfer - try to keep your skydiver centered on the screen by maneuvering against the ever-changing wind direction; if the gusts carry you off-screen, you lose. Monster Painter - much like the Car Painter level, except you're chased by four green meanies instead of two cars; the monsters (and your character) are smaller, but the action is faster. Mountain Biker - resembles BC's Quest for Tires : your goal is to traverse the hardy mountain trail on two wheels; you can accelerate, brake or jump to avoid the rocks and potholes. The events may be played in sequence or individually. You're given three lives per level, and if you perform exceptionally well, you'll be gifted an additional score bonus - the points attained in each level are tallied for the final score.

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