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There is a crime wave in the town of Huxley! As a mystery master, you need to help the police solve 12 different crimes that have taken place. Throughout each of the cases you can interrogate suspects, search for clues at various locations, or use police station resources to analyze clues. To win you need to find out who the criminal is within the given time limit, as well as collect enough evidence to convict him and send him to jail. Included with the game is a manual which contains the story for each of the 12 cases along with hundreds of clues. When the computer reveals clues from searches or questioning, it will give you a number which needs to be looked up in the manual for more information. To be successful, you will need to study the back story carefully and take notes as the plot unfolds! The game can be played by just one player, or up to four players can compete against each other to see who solves the case first.

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