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Y is a game based on the divide and conquer principle. Each level starts as a blue area surrounded with a thin green border. The player is represented by a small white ball, and when it moves into the blue area, it trails a purple "tail." Once the ball moves back into the green, any empty blue area cut off by the tail becomes green as well. If the area is not empty, only the tail itself turns green. There are red balls moving in the blue area, and black balls moving around the green area. The player starts with three lives, and has 3 minutes to turn 75% of the blue area to green. The player loses a life when the white ball touches a green or red ball, when a red ball touches the purple tail, or when the clock runs out. The player gains a life by finishing a level without losing any lives, or by getting an "extra life" power up. Power ups appear randomly in the blue area for a short amount of time, and include: Extra Life Extra Time - add 20 seconds to the clock Skip Level - immediately warp to the next level Bridge - immediately turn the purple tail to green Destroy - any red balls touching the player's ball or the purple tail within the next 5 seconds will be destroyed Freeze - freezes all red and black balls for 5 seconds Speed - increases the speed of the player's ball for 5 seconds Level one contains 1 black ball and 1 red ball. A new red ball is added every level, but the number resets to 1 every 10 levels, though the ball starts moving faster. A new black ball is added every 20 levels.

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