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Greedy gives Pac-Man an enhanced makeover, even while retaining the core concept: fill your bottomless appetite by cleaning out mazes full of dots, while evading the pursuing ghosts. The power pellets still allow our hero to top the food-chain for a limited time and hunt down the enemies, but dozens of other power-ups are new on the menu - from speed changes to invincibility, score multipliers, wildcards and a random bonus slot machine. There are power-downs, too, which invert your controls, stop you from eating, and cause other assorted mischief. The yellow, rotund eater is armed with a limited (but rechargeable) speed booster, and can gain extra lives by completing matching groups of colorful crystals. Different speed and skill settings can be selected; every level boasts a completely new maze layout, and the DOS version complements this with a fully-functional level editor to customize things even further.

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