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Adventure in the Magic Land is a donationware interactive fiction game. The player is put into a fantasy scenario (although there are some references to modern/future times to be found, e.g. a computer or a spaceship) without a specific goal. The first course of action is exploring the environment and finding out what should be done. Later the player has to solve inventory puzzles in order to win the game. The locations are arranged on a 8x8 grid and include instant death places, but later the player gains the ability to fly which allows to enter the grids unharmed. The starting location is random. The description of the location at hand always stays on top of the screen. The player interacts with the game by entering verb-noun combinations which may or not result in a useful response. When entering another location, the whole screen is refreshed and a list of the interactive objects is displayed. Distributed along with the game is a text file with a map and hints.

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