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Doraon Neoguri is a Korean-made variant of the arcade game Ponpoko. The player guides a raccoon dog through a series of single-screen platform stages. The goal in each stage is to eat all the fruits in it. Enemies are moving around and try to prevent the greedy little animal from snatching the fruits. Deadly spikes are placed around many fruits as well. Unidentified objects may contain bonus points, but also may produce new enemies. The protagonist can climb ladders to access upper platforms and can also jump horizontally. A contact with an enemy or a trap, as well as falling damage, will kill him instantly, forcing the player to retry the stage until the raccoon dog runs out of lives. There is little difference gameplay-wise between this version and the arcade original. However, the levels have different layouts, some graphics (such as the protagonist sprite) are re-drawn, and the order of fruits is different as well.

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