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Alge-Blaster Plus! is the second game in the Alge-Blaster series of educational games that teaches algebra. This version consists of five activities: Learn gives instructions step by step on how to solve the various problems that the player comes across. Solve is essentially the same as the original Alge-Blaster. The player gets to solve ten algebra problems and will then get a result at the end. It can be played with or without hints. Translate gives the player a phrase and the player has to choose the corresponding expression from a list of four. It can also be vice versa with the player having to pick the phrase that matches the expression. Graph shows a grid with a number of dots and the player either has to enter the coordinates of a dot or find the dot that corresponds with the coordinates given. Alge-Blaster Game is a science fiction themed game played on a grid similar to the previous activity. The player's task is to protect a space station from asteroids which is done by controlling four laser cannons located in the corners of the grid. These are then controlled by entering slopes (for example 2/3). In addition to shooting the asteroids it's possible to block them by constructing webs. This is done by entering the two pairs of coordinates that the web should stretch between. The following subjects are included in the game: Integers Order of Operations Monomials & Polynomials Factoring Equations Systems of Equations Algebraic Fractions Radicals Quadralic Equations

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