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Fuzzy Worm is a Centipede -style shooter, very similar to the arcade original. Once again, a pastoral mushroom patch plays unlikely host to the casual mass destruction of small animals. Your gun is free to move through the bottom section of the playfield, and your mission is to defend your little slice of nature from vermin violation. The multi-segmented worm weaves a winding path in your general direction; if it reaches the bottom alive, new segments may appear. Once you finish it off, a bleeping 1-bit rendition of La Cucaracha will escort you to the next wave. Your other enemies are the spider, the mushroom-dropping flea, and the poisonous scorpion: you earn points by consigning them to gooey death, but each shot costs a point, so you'll have to make them count. The game comes in six difficulty levels and in two different versions - one in graphics mode, the other in text mode, so users of the original IBM MDA aren't left out in the cold.

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