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A pair of games, Beano and Rockets, played against the machine or a second human player. The common concept is how moves are made: each side rolls the dice, and puts together a mathematical expression from the rolled numbers. The four basic arithmetic operators (plus parentheses) are allowed, and the result determines the move. Beano is a variation on bingo: each side gets a 5x5 card composed of randomly arranged numbers. If a move can be made that matches a number on the card, a bean is placed on that number. The first player to fill a row, column, or diagonal with beans wins the game (cells marked "free" always count as filled). Rockets arms both players with ships, randomly placed on a 15x15 board. The moving player must specify a valid number of spaces to go (as above), and a direction. When the ship is done moving, it fires four rockets - straight up, down, left and right - destroying the rival ship if it hits. The winner is the first player to take down 5 of the opponent's ships.

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