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Genghis Khan is basically a strategy game, but not just. A very important part of your ability as governor will depend on your arcade experience when it comes to conquering the territories surrounding Mongolia. You mission will be to invade the Chinese Empire, and for that you must tear down the Great Wall using gunpowder. Unfortunately it will not be available from the beginning, so you will have to conquer Baghdad where the secrets of gunpowder manufacture are kept, and then dedicate your task in destroying the barrier that prevents you from the victory. But it will not be that easy, you will also have to defeat several enemies of varying difficulty. The game makes you choose between arcade, strategy or a mixture of both. In the first category you must use the joystick to defeat the owner of the chosen land. The screen turns into a side-scrolling game in which a Mongol warrior, sword in hand, must face the enemy hordes. Each soldier you kill equalizes to five in total, and every blow you receive means a loss of five units of yours.

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