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Captain Spleen 2 is a comedy sci-fi graphic adventure. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel exclusively uses point-and-click mouse controls instead of the keyboard, and its digitized sound effects require a Sound Blaster-compatible sound card. The central plot is that Colin Gagnon and Robert Randall, real-world creators of the game, have been kidnapped by a shadowy organization known as M.S.D.O.S. and it is up to Captain Spleen to save them. The starting location is a spaceship dealership, where you will need to buy a new ship. Once you have one, the main options are: navigate to a new destination, activate autopilot (to actually get to the chosen destination), check what cargo the ship is carrying, and save/load the game. You will need to find someone to join the crew of your new ship, and then your mission can properly begin.

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