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Moraff's Monster Bridge is a single-player card game, with a setting in the Moraff's World universe. The player is depicted as a human adventurer who has entered a tavern in an RPG called Moraff's World, and joined in a game of Monster Bridge. The cards and rules are not quite ordinary, there are 96 cards in six suites with various monsters depicted on them, sixteen cards to each suite. You have one seat at a table for four players, with your human hands seen at the bottom and the other three players appendages shown as tentacles. You play to win your own bid, the minimum size of the bid depends on how many times you trade cards from the dealer at the outset. There is a trump suite selected each round, and you must follow suit if you can, otherwise you can use any card. You get eight cards per deal. If you win the required bid, you gain points, otherwise you lose points. The winner is the player who first gains 75 points in the game. There are quite a number of screen settings available, this was one of the common features found in many of Moraff's DOS games.

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