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Most Certainly Not Pool II is not a pool game. It is a single-player game based around three balls on a sort of table but it is not a pool game. It is more of a time limited puzzle with balls than a pool game. In a rectangular play area are one red ball, one blue ball, one red hole, one blue hole and one greyish cue ball. The object is to knock the red ball into the red hole, the blue ball into the blue hole, or both balls into their respective holes using the cue ball. The cue ball is controlled by the arrow keys. The longer a key is held down then the faster it moves in a particular direction. Time is limited and to continue to the next level the task must be achieved before time runs out. Points are scored for potting a ball and a bonus is awarded for any time remaining on the clock, this turns into a penalty if the time has expired and become negative. The game is entirely keyboard controlled. There is no save game feature but there is a high score table.

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