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It ain't easy being a cameleer: not only do you have to survive a 40-mile trek across the Gobi desert, with only one camel and a quart of water -- you and your trusty humped steed have managed (somehow) to anger a tribe of knocked-kneed pygmies, who are now hot on your heels. All in all, you seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Your canteen is good for six drinks of water, unless you find a way to refill it. On each turn, you choose a course of action: have a drink; forge ahead moderately, or at full speed (which works your camel harder); rest for the night; check your status; or give it up and hope for help. You'll have to watch your water supply, your camel's health, and your distance from the pursuing pygmies. To top it off, the wasteland is full of surprises: some are good (like the occasional oasis), others not so much (sandstorms and roving bands of nomads, who may try to capture you for ransom).

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