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It's the 22nd century. To unburden the situation in the crowded cities huge platforms with research facilities, factories and living areas have been built in the sky. You play a young man or woman who has just finished school and gets the chance to live in SkyCity, one of those platforms. But there is one condition. You have to find an apprenticeship within three months if you don't want to be sent back to the surface. Skyworker is a game by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour that simulates the application process for an apprenticeship. In fact, Skyworker is a life simulation. With your teleporter you visit different locations in the city like a bar, a casino, drugstores or shops where you can buy things and meet people who give you tips about applications or other locations in the city. To earn money you can do temporary jobs which are presented as a mini-game in which you have to arrange figures by their appearance for instance. Within three months you have to find an apprenticeship. If you are not sure for what job you want to apply for you can go to career counselling. In multiple choice questions they try to find out which job suits to you. Afterwards you can go to a training center where you can improve your skills. After having created a curriculum vitae you can contact enterprises and are invited to an interview in which the boss tries to find out if you have appropriate skills and are informed about the content of the job you are applying for. The next day you get either a declination or an invitation to an aptitude test. The test consists of 14 exercises about general education, logical thinking and mathematics. If you pass the test, you have the job but the game won't be over yet...

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