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In 3 Card High Low Poker, the dealer chooses, on each round, whether the winning hand must be high or low, and each of eight players is dealt three cards. If the dealer chose high, the best hand wins (and the ace is counted high). If the dealer chose low, then the worst hand wins (and the ace is counted low). Each player, in turn, can choose to be either 'in' or 'out' for the round, after the cards are dealt. The only bet is a 25 cent ante, and the losers pay the entire pot. So, if at least one player (other than the dealer) is 'in' for a round, then each of the losers pays 2 dollars to the winner, and the players who were 'out' pay nothing.. If no one but the dealer is 'in' for the round, every player pays the dealer 25 cents. The goal of the game, as with any gambling game, is simply to win money. The game does not end until the player chooses to stop.

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