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Facetrex is a single-player, block moving, keyboard controlled puzzle, shareware puzzle game. The shareware game contains twenty-five puzzles and five puzzle solutions, the full registered game contains fifty puzzles and has solutions to all of them. The puzzles are numbered and can be played in any order, they are all played on a grid on which are blocks each of which has a different picture of a face. Also on the grid there are a corresponding number of 'negatives', one for each face on the blocks. The player controls a little red man who occupied one cell on the grid, this man can push any of the face blocks up, down, or to either side. When pushed a block will continue moving until it hits another block or the side of the grid. Blocks cannot be pulled so once a block hits a wall it stays there. Some puzzles also contain black cells which cannot be moved and/or green cells which can only be moved one block at a time.

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