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Meteor Rescue is a single player, keyboard controlled game that is very similar to Meteor Mission and may well be a later version of that game. Once again some poor astronauts pave been abandoned on a desolate planetoid. It's your job to swoop them up and bring them home. This is a game of two halves. In the first part the player's ship is held in a sort of cage in the drop ship which moves left /right across the top of the screen. As soon as the main engines start the floor of the cage retracts and the ship begins its descent. Timing here is important as the space between the drop ship and the landing pads below contains orbiting rocks which must be avoided. Once the ship has landed the astronaut beams aboard and the ship begins its ascent. The rate of ascent can be increased but not decreased so there's no hiding down at the bottom of the screen until the orbiting rocks are out of the way. Fortunately the ship has a gun which only works during the ascent phase, with which rocks can be shot for extra points and a clear run to the drop ship. All the player has to do now is to avoid the rocks and dock with the drop ship by re-entering the cage. As an added complication the drop ship continues to move from side to side and stops in a random place each time. The player has five lives with which they must accumulate as high a score as possible. Once all the astronauts are rescued there's a brief fanfare and the game starts the next level with a new set of astronauts and more obstacles. Landing too fast, hitting a flying rock, hitting the drop ship, flying past the drop ship, trying to manoeuvre while inside the drop ship all destroy the player's craft and cost a life

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