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Airstrike is a sidescrolling shooter featuring an Apache-like helicopter, taking part in a series of missions in a war between the 'North Atlantic Defence Alliance' and a country called 'Dosnovia'. You primary base is on an aircraft carrier off shore from Dosnovia, and you are given specific targets to take out during a mission. The enemy consists of soldiers carrying missiles, gunboats, AA guns, radar stations and missile batteries placed in and around the ordinary houses and woods inland, and a selective approach is recommended to gain most points on each mission. Bombing innocent trees counts as wanton destruction, and gives negative scores. The map wraps around after a stretch of land, and you end up back over your carrier, where you can land and automatically replenish your missile supplies and repair the helicopter if damaged. After completing a mission, you get a debriefing with positive citations and negative reprimands, if you damaged other than the enemy. If you fail a mission, you get an option to retry it. Giving up sends you halfway back to start from where you were in the mission list. There is a total of 21 missions in the game, which originally was intended as a sprite demo, but evolved into a full shareware game.

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