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The game proposes the archive of 365 "LA Times" crossword puzzles for the player to solve. Player may load the puzzle, examine the puzzle grid, move around the grid to select Across and Down clues, and type in letters of the word for an answer. The clock automatically starts when a puzzle is loaded and stops when a puzzle is completed. Player may adjust several hint features such as identifying wrong letters by crossing them out, revealing a single letter at current position, revealing the entire word, etc. In-game English dictionary is present to assist the player in solving the puzzle. The dictionary may be searched through with 3 patterns: Best - words found fit the pattern of the search location as well as all words crossing it, All - words found fit the pattern of the search location, however adjoining words are not considered, Anagram - unscramble a group of letters or search for all words which fit a word pattern specified with question marks in places of unknown letters. Custom symmetric and non-symmetric puzzles may be created with in-game editor. Symmetric puzzles vary from 5x5 to 21x21, while non-symmetric vary from 1(21) to 1(21). While playing, the puzzle solution may be saved in progress. All puzzles may be printed.

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