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The Amulet is set in the fantasy land Osbeorht which is in the grasp of the demon wizard Eoghan and a brotherhood of necromancers. However, a brave adventurer starts on a journey to set things right. In order to defeat evil, he needs to travel through Osbeorht and find a number of artifacts which are said to be crafted by Prince Beorth, ruler in more pleasant times: an amulet, six power stones and a helm. After choosing one of five classes (which only influence strengths and weaknesses), the player starts the journey on the one-screen map of Osbeorth. In each turn, the player moves one field and either encounters nothing, finds treasure or a monster. The latter initiates combat (unless the player surprises the monster and chooses to avoid it) which is basically a sequence of dice rolls. When the player attacks, there is a choice between using the sword (aiming for the head, body or limbs) or a spell. Each monster has two statistics (combat strength and psy power) which should influence the player's choice - a monster without psy power only laughs at spells. Delaying the choice too long results in a missed turn. The player and the monster exchange hits until one of them dies; when the player wins experience points are awarded. More powerful spells are available after earning enough experience. Otherwise there are also special places to visit on the map: there is a safe way without monster encounters as well as so-called secondary scenarios, e.g. a swamp or the necromancers' castle. Entering them opens up a new map to explore. There are also two friendly castles on the main map which allow to save the game. The game calculates a rating based on found treasure and earned experience.

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