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In this straightforward action game, you're pitted against an arachnid invasion from above. In such a situation, you might expect to be given a broom, or perhaps a vacuum cleaner. Not so here, where the obvious solution is to grab a boxing glove and start punching spiders to death! They descend towards the floor in varying speeds, while you aim and throw punches to send them reeling back upwards. You lose if a spider touches the floor, and advance to the next stage when they're all splattered up on the ceiling. However, you shouldn't just smash them up as fast as you can: more living spiders equals more points per punch, so your goal is to keep them away from both the floor and the ceiling for as long as you can. This gets progressively harder as you advance - more spiders appear, and you need to keep more of them alive simultaneously just to maintain your scoring.

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