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A Clue's Solution is a shareware puzzle game for one to four people, it is turn based and can be played with either the keyboard or the mouse. The game has elements of Wheel of Fortune in that all puzzles are solved by selecting a letter of the alphabet from those that are available. If the letter selected is part of the target phrase the player retains control and selects again; if the letter is not part of the target, control passes to the next player. All puzzles are grouped by category and each game consists of two parts, first the player(s) must solve four puzzles which are clues to the final answer. After each clue is solved the player in control makes an attempt on the final answer with their attempt ending as soon as they select an incorrect letter. So, for example, in the movie category the ultimate answer is the film's title, the first three clues are actors/actresses, and the final clue is a short phrase or sentence describing the story. The game has two scoring modes either for the final solution only or for both the clues and the final solution. There is a save game function, three levels of difficulty. The shareware game has five categories Movies (307), Places (51), States (52), Quotes (45), and Pot Luck (110) with the number in brackets showing the number of questions in each, further categories and an optional puzzle editor were supplied with the full registered version.

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