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Madhouse is the seventh of Softside Magazine's Adventures of the Month, published for multiple systems. You have been sent to a mental asylum, unjustly sentenced for a crime you did not commit. You must escape from the facility, and regain your freedom. NPCs suffering from a variety of mental health disease and delusions will interact with the player on their adventure, and two wandering characters have to be located and avoided. An entire ward is devoted to those with the delusion they are a famous historical figure. There is also the "Totally Insane Ward", the "Loony Ward", and the Administration Ward. Gameplay occurs over 7 days, and the player must escape from the asylum by the seventh day by hiding in the laundry and escaping to the local laundromat and freedom. All commands are via 2-word VERB NOUN entries, and game play contains several object puzzles. There is no save and restore feature.

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