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Terminal Terror is the sequel to Lethal Tender. Once again you step in the shoes of super spy/army-of-one hero Nick Hunter and this time around your mission is to take back into custody the international terrorist Bruno Riggs who has escaped jail thanks to the aid of a new terrorist cell that has some nasty plans in store for the world. Gameplay evolves from the straightforward Doom-cloned FPS action of the original and introduces a lot of innovative features that were surprisingly ahead of it's day for a FPS, such as branching and optional missions, stealth-oriented sequences which make use of non-lethal weapons and a stealth meter (named as the "profile") which allow you to avoid detection based on your current speed, readied weapon, etc. Combat also incorporates a power bar which depletes the longer you keep firing and adds a primitive but effective hit-detection system which inflicts different types of effects on your character depending on where he is hit (damaged legs slow you down or make your character turn towards a certain direction when moving as if he were limping, damaged arms affect your aim, damaged eyes blur your vision, etc.). The game also incorporates an inventory/equipment bar for item management and throws civilians and allies into the mix, which will turn on you or cost you mission objectives if you shoot them or fail to protect them.

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