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AxTrons is a trap-'em-up / arena survival game taking place in a randomly generated playfield. You, puny Earthling, are thrown onto the arena floor where ten slavering aliens await, with nothing but your wits and an assortment of traps to get you by. If you get out alive, you may be found worthy to join the InnerGalactic ParaGlomerate, whatever that is... but can you survive? You start each round with a limited amount of energy, which can be increased by collecting energy packets and Power Coins (spectators occasionally throw new coins onto the field). As the aliens attempt to hunt you down, you must dispatch them by laying down traps, barbs and grids - each type of device has a different tactical usage. You may also engage the enemies in melee combat, which mutually depletes your energy counts until the stronger one survives. Moving and dropping traps costs energy, too, so every little drop counts.

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