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Before founding PKWare and inventing the ZIP compression standard, Phil Katz produced at least one game as a hobbyist by-product of his programming career: a PC adaptation of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune -- albeit an unlicensed one written in BASIC. Like its televised counterpart, this is a game based on solving word puzzles and getting rich in the process. One to five contestants may participate, and each in turn takes a stab at the blanked-out phrase. Spinning the wheel determines a dollar amount and lets the player guess a consonant (which is then removed from the pool); in less-lucky occasions the wheel may land on "lose turn" or "bankrupt", forcing you to forfeit your shot or your cash respectively. Alternatively, a vowel may be bought for a flat rate of $250, or you may attempt to guess the complete phrase and keep your accumulated cash (if successful). After three rounds, the richest player gets the game.

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