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Goplanes is a four-way scrolling shooter inspired by Sopwith, which puts you at the controls of an old-school, early 20th century fighter plane with the general objective of blowing things up. Your aircraft is capable of flashy (but useful) moves - climbing, diving, flipping over and making 360-degree turns; enemy fire can take it out in three hits, but so can the ground. In addition to the basic frontal mounted gun, various weapons can be collected for more firepower: missiles, spread shots and dropbombs. Three missions are included: first off, you'll have to find and destroy some oil containers; then it's on to taking down some zeppelins, and finally, a snowstorm battle against a heavy artillery unit. As in Sopwith, there are innocent bystanders too, but here you actually gain points by gunning down the poor saps... whether human or animal.

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