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In this side-scrolling shoot-'em-up the player assumes control of a speedy fighter ship, flying low over hostile territory. The region is teeming with assorted enemy craft that don't take too kindly to your presence - from stationary space mines and curiously-shaped homing devices to flying saucers with mounted guns - and your only defense against being blasted into oblivion is your trusty laser beam. The ship may be freely accelerated to high warp or slowed down to a full stop; scoring is awarded for progressing through the sectors and destroying enemy craft. The latter is especially important when it comes to the saucers, since letting them escape actually takes away points(!). There are no lives as such: the game progresses until you run out of fuel, but getting shot or crashing into anything (including the ground) will detract from your score and eat up gas. Every fifty sectors, a fresh supply of fuel can be picked up to replenish your tanks.

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