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World Golf 2 lets you test your skills on the green in a standard 18-hole round of golf. Shots are taken from a first-person view of the course, in the general direction of the current hole and its flagstick; you pack four clubs in your bag (driver, 8 iron, 4 iron, and putter) to give the ball the desired loft and distance. Each shot is further influenced by the current wind direction and speed, by the force of your stroke - determined by the power bar - and by a margin of error which will skew the shot (depending on the position of the left-side slider as you hit the button). The three difficulty settings decide just how much these factors affect your strokes. You can also pick a time of day for each game, although this only affects the visuals. Like other games from the same author, this one is written for the Tandy 1000 series and requires the respective BASIC interpreter.

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