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Argonaut is a single player, space strategy game. The game plays like many of the Star Trek variants though this game contains no references to that universe. The player takes control of the Argo with a mission to end hostilities near the Xanadu base. The player is immediately involved in a conflict with several enemy ships of various races all of whom are fighting each other. The game screen is divided into three areas. In the upper right is a map of the immediate area of space, in the upper left is a reminder of the keyboard commands and the ship's stats, and the lower part of the screen is used to show what the other ships did in their turn Play is turn based and in their turn the player can use any of these commands each of which is assigned to a numeric key; 0 - Computer. Request a computer report on war conditions. 1 - Shields. Flush remaining engine power to reinforce your shields. 2 - Engines. Move as many total units as you have engines. 3 - Phasers. 4 - Photon torpedoes 5 - Tractor beam. This pulls the target ship towards the Argo and prevents further movement. 6 - Scanner. 7 - Mapper. 8 - Transporter. Reinforce a friendly ship or take over an empty ship. 9 - Radio. '-' - Hyperspace. = - Self-destruct. All ships within blast range will also explode. Tab - Do nothing and pass your turn. ` - Let the autopilot run the ship for one turn. Esc - Resign command, the autopilot will continue the war. The game ends when the war is won. The game is entirely keyboard controlled, it has optional sound but no save game function.

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