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Notyet is a single player, shareware, keyboard controlled, tile matching puzzler. The game area consists of a series of concentric rings. In the centre of these rings is the players gun. The rings rotate and by shooting, and hitting, arrows on the surrounding rings the player can alter the direction in which they rotate. Also on the rings are coloured tiles in the form of trigrams, by shooting the tiles the player can push them to a ring that is further out. When two tiles of the same colour but on adjacent rings come together they disappear scoring points and giving the player's gun more energy. The objective of the game is to clear all tiles from the level so that the player can advance to the next, the full game has seventeen worlds. Obviously there are going to be hazards, firing the gun costs energy; pushing a tile to another ring where there is no room for it destroys the tile and costs a lot of energy; black holes appear and eat tiles and so on.

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