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This strategy game is played on a 8x8 board, which starts out populated with a specific pattern of pieces. There is always one human player against the computer: you control the blue pieces, based around the center of the board; the computer player ("Max") commands the red ones, arranged along the corners. Each side makes one move per turn (moving a single piece to any adjoining square), and the objective is to eliminate the opponent's pieces. To do this, pieces may be captured by jumping over them (like checkers, but in any direction); or "infected" when the other side places its own piece in a neighboring square, which causes the victim's pieces to change their color to that of the infecting piece. However, each side does this differently - your blue pieces infect the four squares along the vertical/horizontal edges, while Max's red pieces infect diagonally along the four corners. Either method awards points, although the score does not determine the winner.

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