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Acrostix is a single-player, freeware, word puzzle game that is a bit like the word puzzle bit in 'Wheel of Fortune'. The player is presented with a short phrase, statement or question which is a clue to a phrase, saying, person's name, place, thing etc. The top half of the game area has the words in the answer with the letters blacked out and the lower half has a set of letters for the player to choose from. The objective is to transfer letters from the lower part of the screen to the upper part completing the answer correctly. This game is freeware and comes with just twenty puzzles, however it includes puzzle creation tools and players uploaded their creations to The Knowledge Transfer BBS, which in 2014 no longer exists, and downloaded those from other players. The game can be played with the mouse or the keyboard. It has a cheat mode which places one correct letter at a time, and an auto solve mode which will slowly complete the puzzle automatically unless the player cancels it.

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