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Across the USA is an educational game about the geography of the USA. It teaches locating states on the US map, the official abbreviations of states, and their capitals. All three activities can be selected directly from the main menu. Each activity is based on the same concept: a state is highlighted in red on the US map and the player has to input the abbreviation, name of the state or capital. If the player starts with a wrong letter, the correct one is shown and then the remainder can be guessed. Correct ones are marked in green. When unsure the state can be skipped and will be marked in grey. It will be shown again when all other states have been presented. Additional information can be displayed such as the population and size. The game has options for outlining words, using upper or lower case letters, and a fixed or random order. It keep tracks of statistics such as time elapsed, amount of words done and skipped, number of correct characters, number of key strokes and efficiency.

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