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Drops of Light is a single player puzzle game that's played on a star shaped web On the web are what look like coloured beads, these are photons and the puzzle is to move, arrange and combine the photons to produce a specific pattern of colours. The game is postcard-ware, i.e. It is freeware but the developer would like a postcard so that they know their game is being played and how far it has travelled. Each level gives the user a password which allows them to restart the game without replaying all the earlier levels, the passwords were available on-line too. Expansion levels were included with each version of the software, they were also available on-line, version 2.0.3 was supplied with the following; drops2.dlv -- "Dropping Down Further" expansion levels (med - hard difficulty) colorful.dlv -- "Simple But Pretty" expansion levels (easy difficulty) metamrph.dlv -- "Chromatic Metamorphoses" expansion levels (easy - med difficulty) pro.dlv -- Hall of Fame levels example.dlv -- Example Levels for the Editor classic.dlv -- A copy of the "Classic" level set this copy does *not* support hall of fame) roll.dlv -- "The Honorable Roll of Color" expansion ufo.dlv -- "The Logical Brain Train" expansion plus the passwords for the first thirty or so levels. The game also comes with a built in level editor that is accessed via the main menu screen. It also has an on-line Hall of Fame

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